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A Tragic Refrain: Adult Leaves Loaded Gun Unattended—Child Dies

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A Tragic Refrain: Adult Leaves Loaded Gun Unattended—Child Dies


1174868_589664484406030_1544888812_nOn June 4, 2013, my life was obliterated. My special, beautiful, talented, and amazing daughter, Brooklynn Mae Mohler, was shot and killed due to an irresponsible gun owner. She was only 13 years old.

Our current laws did not and will not protect her life; nor do the current laws give her life any value. As it stands, there will be no further accountability on the irresponsible gun owner.

My daughter was shot in the back and killed by her friend who was playing with her father’s gun on June 4th of 2013. From what we have been able to gather, we believe that our daughter did not even know her friend had the gun in her possession, and this was a horrible accident.

We have met with detectives and the district attorneys and there will not be any charges filed against the father who left a gun, with his children’s knowledge, in or on top of the kitchen cabinet. My husband, unaware of what had happened, arrived at her friend’s house to pick her up, and found her in this life threatening condition. He arrived before the police/paramedics did, and had the unfortunate task of trying to save her life. She was shot by a single bullet directly through the middle of her lower spine from behind, and ultimately succumbed to her critical injuries.

We are attempting to change some of the gun laws to protect children, so hopefully other families will not have to endure this type of pain and anguish in the future. We are not anti-gun, but I know that we will be met with unreasonable resistance with regards to what we want to do. I am hoping that we can protect children, by making people be responsible with the storage of their weapons. I hear all the time that bad people give responsible gun owners a bad name, but I never hear responsible gun owners saying anything about holding gun owners responsible for their guns.

1549406_646381962067615_471194987_nI don’t see how this has happened to us; I have to bury my daughter, pay for medical bills, and there is no one to be accountable in ANY way. I blame the father solely. Had he kept the gun locked away, especially if he wasn’t home, my daughter would still be here.

We formed our own non-profit organization, The Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation. Her foundation is in place to streamline and address the necessary changes needed to amend our current state laws. Our hope is to conquer Nevada’s loose gun laws. and eventually spread our mission across the nation.

Hopefully, we can work together to spread awareness and send a strong message that sensible laws should be in place, holding all gun owners responsible for their firearms.

Please visit our daughter’s Facebook Page: Justice for Brooklynn.

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