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If You Need A Reason To Ask

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If You Need A Reason To Ask

If you need a reason, or maybe a bit of courage, to ask if there are unsecured guns in the homes your child visits, I have a scenario for you.
Imagine you didn’t ask. Maybe you felt awkward, or just got a good vibe from the parent. The question didn’t cross your mind, or it was a family member and you didn’t want to cause drama.
Now think about your child’s life to where it is now. Think about the potential you see, and the hopes of watching them graduating high school and college. Falling love and having a family, and all those milestones that parents long for. Imagine what their life will become.
Now think about if their life was cut short today. You could have possibly prevented their death by asking a simple question. Now imagine their life in a couple plastic storage bins. Their life, contained in bins. Bins that are going to be put in storage, because you can’t let go, but you have to find a way to move forward.
Put yourself in my shoes for a second, and bend over to pick up these cold synthetic bins, and have to see your child’s photos hanging above. Their face filled with joy, and genuine delight. Yet when you close your eyes to think about them, you are frequently haunted by the lifeless vessel their life was once contained in. You know that this didn’t need to, and should have never happened. You know that you could have done something different, and whether it would have saved your child or not, you didn’t do it.
Now I want you to not do something. Don’t tell me how sorry you are, or that you really appreciate what my wife and I are doing. I don’t want to hear about anything, except what you are doing. Kids are shooting each other on a daily basis. This is something you have the ability to prevent from happening to your child. Do it.
Please do tell people that Jacob Mohler is your friend when asking “I have a friend whose daughter was killed at a friends house, and I have to ask. Do you have unsecured guns in your home?”
You don’t want to be in my shoes. I will show up and ask a parent for you. Every time I see another “accidental” or “unintentional” shooting of a child I get physically ill. These shootings should be referred to as “preventable” in almost every case.
For those of you who have unsecured guns in your home. I would like to hear that you might see this as a reason to evaluate your current situation and make it safer. If not, just know that if something happens, it is not the child’s fault. There are so many ways to secure a gun, that still allow quick access, there is no excuse in my opinion, and I blame you. Oh and so will all of the other guys like you that prescribe to the belief that teaching is enough. Tell me that your child has never broken a rule, or always does what they are told, and I will show you a liar.
It is time to stop prentending that there is no discussion that can be had about guns, that isn’t being “pro” or “anti” gun.
This was my reality tonight, don’t allow it to become yours. There are many shootings that you may not have any control over, this is not one of them.

'Bins on the right, poster boards filled out by friends and fellow students on the left. Pictures of simpler times above.'

Bins on the right, poster boards filled out by friends and fellow students on the left. Pictures of simpler times above.

‘Bin of stuffed animals, for cousins to chose from.’

‘Items Darchel can not part with.’

'Brooklynn, at her uncle's wedding.'

Brooklynn, at her uncle’s wedding.


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