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It Takes ALL of Us!

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It Takes ALL of Us!

Thank you Joe Quint for your incredible work; It Takes Us. Your amazing creative contribution and inspiration has helped stimulate awareness in an effort to reduce gun violence.

It was not easy to meet under such painful circumstances, but it was and is necessary.

We as survivors become experts at putting on a particular face to go along with what society deems comfortable and appropriate. Expressing our grief and displaying our pain can make anyone uncomfortable.

Joe, your talent is palpable. With your camera in hand, lens in focus, and immense passion for this cause, you accomplished what many simply cannot. A glimpse  into our soul. You captured for a split second the the pain we bear, the intense suffering invisible to most, especially the untrained eye. This is the aftermath of gun violence; Its desolation we carry and endure every second of every day. 

These photos have made our voices louder.  This is what keeps us moving in a forward direction. No human life should ever have to be taken from us so senselessly. No parent or family member should ever have to take this journey we are on.

We all have a role in this. Joe has worked diligently and collaborated all of our losses in hopes to get like minded people into action and spark conversation. Jake and I have turned our life’s work into educating others about the dangers of unsecured firearms in the home in hopes to prevent future senseless childhood deaths. Moms and Everytown continue to fight on a National scale to reduce violent crimes and streamline commonsense legislation.

Everyone has a role to play in order to reduce this senseless violence from continuing to invade our lives and the safety of our loved ones.

We cannot do this alone. It takes all of us. What will your role be?



Joe Quints “It Takes Us” Exhibition in NYC on June 18, 2015. Photo with Judi Richardson


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