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Our “New” Family

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Our “New” Family

Missing my survivor family.

Living the remainder of our days with tremendous loss and constant pain can easily consume and cloud finding that silver lining to keep going. 

It is times like this, being with all of you, that I truly appreciate and I am reminded once again, no matter how isolating this journey may feel; we are never alone.

All of the love and strength that we are surrounded by pictured here and by many others whose photos are not in this post, signifies this unspeakable bond.

I hate this painful journey. We did not choose this; it chose us. However, although we had to meet under the most unimaginable circumstances, words cannot express how fortunate I feel to have you right here at my side. Until we see each other again, keep fighting the good fight! 💕

Photos shown are from the “Guns in America” Town Hall Meeting with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and President Barack Obama. The Meeting was hosted at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on January 07, 2016.



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